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Villa Mirakul is a place of simple elegance and Mediterranean charm. The bond of comfort with the hues and fragrances of Dalmatia make it irresistible.

The Villa is situated in Sukošan, a ten-minute drive from Zadar, the enchanting city at the heart of the Adriatic.

The four apartments - Olive, Lavender, Sea and Seagull - each a separate story inspired by the Mediterranean, and the romantic Garden Room, filled with the fragrance of Mediterranean plants, offer a perfect vacation.

The stone open air kitchen, terrace and pool, a blend of style and elegance, combine the airiness and vivacity of the environment, serenity and the passion of colour. They rely on the tradition of the Dalmatian setting and the originality of material, and their architectural expression is minimalistically purified and potent like the stone of which they are made.

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Apartments - villa Mirakul -

Apartments - villa Mirakul

  • Kontaktperson: Sanja Pavic
  • Addresse: Ulica dva bunara 3a, 23206 Sukosan, Kroatien
  • Telefon: 00385 91 615 2041
  • Fax: 00385 1 613 7521
  • E-mail: sanja.pavic@mirakul-zg.hr

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